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Dia Center for the Arts, New York, NY
The Arts Wire Home Page Road Map
FineartForum Online Art Resources: Art Museums
Humanities - Listings by Galaxy


NBC Golf - this is, the NBC Golf Tour, Golf Digest and World Golf
GolfWeb - Everything Golf on the WWW
The Golf Channel - The only TV network dedicated to golf, golf all the time
World Golf - the International Golf and Travel Guide
Golf Butler
Golf Bytes - Links to golf art and photography sites
Golf Links - even more info and resources
Linkaway - Comprehensive listing of Golf related sites
Professional Golfers' Association of America Home Page - the big enchilada
Supreme Confidence - Build supreme sports confidence with sports psychology and confidence coaching
Thor's Golf Links - One of the more extensive lists

Golf Products

Golf Software - Track your golf stats
Golf Balls - Louisiana outlet for new and used golf balls
Statcard Golf - another way to keep up with your progress
Golf Greetings - treat friends and acquaintances to a humorous e-card

Golf - Anything Can Happen

The Chi Chi Rodriguez Youth Foundation - mission is to serve inner city youths who are at risk of dropping out of school

Golf Art

Donna Hollingsworth - golf related art by the artist.
Group W Artworks - golf and architecture commisions, prints and studio works
C. Gibson & Co. - Commisions and marketing of golf collectibles.

Golf Sims

Links LS

Links LS Web Ring - The resource for other significant Links sites

Jack Nicklaus Golden Bear Challenge Golf and Design

Steve Opfer Designs - A realist, whose designs one can count on.
The Course Depot - The essential site for JN designers.
The Linksland - JNSE design specializing in classic links courses

PGA '99

PGA '99 Tee Box - Comprehensive updates on PGA '99 related news and events
Steve Opfer Designs - A continuing tradition in a new format.
PGA '99 Official Site -

Of Interest

Carter's Home Page - San Francisco Photographer, Animator and friend

General Reference

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